Feature Projects


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.


We research and develop some of the most innovative illuminated signage in Canada.  Bringing different elements of light, RGB color changing effects, neon flex, backlit, halo effects and front lit to each project.  We will always find the best method of creating a breathtaking look during daylight hours and then bringing that look and vision to life at night with light.

Why you should use LED feature lighting!

Energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and long lasting are just a few reasons. We will work with your team every step of the way and create a product we know will bring the most benefits. All lighting features and colors are completely controllable and can be customize to any event, brand or color.

Custom LED Lighting

Blackflag Projects knows how to achieve your ideas and showcase your building or brand through vision and light. We can tailer any light solution to meet your needs, regardless of size or complexity. We have providing LED feature light solutions to some of Alberta’s largest entities.

With ever expanding technology we ensure we are always up to date on the future of innovating lighting project and solutions.

We believe a sign can have a drastic role in brand awareness and advertising but nothing truly brings a building to life like movement and light!