Feature Projects


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.

Edmonton Convention Centre

Edmonton, Alberta

We were hired by the City of Edmonton and Explore Edmonton to help create an enhanced guest experience for the city’s largest convention centre which has over 1 million visitors per year. Our first step was to meet with the team to connect with priorities and where the experience may be lacking. As the centre was in a transition from a former sponsor we wanted to first aim at some new exterior identity which we did by LED lighting features and new custom channel letters. We worked with both the city and Dialog to help create a feature of the city based on new canopy designs. We also wanted to allow the centre to advertise up coming events with a wrap around feature digital screen and exterior sound systems for walking guests as they enter.

Our first completed stage was a 60 foot by 3 foot, HD 3mm interior digital screen as each visitor comes down the escalator or stairs they are greeted by an amazing dynamic display which included JL surround sound and hidden speakers within the plants from top to bottom to allow the sound to carry and gives each guest a unique experience as they descend downward towards the screen.

The project was temporarily put on hold due to covid but we are happily working with the city again on stages 2 and 3.