Feature Projects


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.

Edmonton Riverhawks

Edmonton, Alberta

We were selected in 2021 to work with the new owners of the Remax Field and Edmonton Riverhawks on a designing and producing a feature baseball scoreboard with a 10mm resolution 36 feet by 20 feet digital screen and LED sign topper. We wanted the look at feel of the sign to represent a professional stadium and allow for additional features such as concerts, outdoor events and other sporting events. Using the existing structure we stripped all the old signage off, ran new fibre optics the length of the field to the control panel and redid all the electrical on the back of the fence. Our team fabricated new brackets for each section and after every connection was approved by our certified engineer we mounted and connection each piece with 2 cranes and a bucket and had everything tested and connected for the home opener. The sign has already become a staple of the stadium and a talking piece for the new season!