Freestanding Signs

Our freestanding sign process always starts design ideas based on the architectural style of the building. Then we strategize materials, style, size and placement.  We work with your group to determine property lines, permits, engineering and design approvsal. 

 Our sales team and designers work together on materials, colors, logo placement, lighting plus the engineering specs, ASA Approval and permits.

We offer highly creative feature monuments, Tenant Pylon Signs and freestanding digital signs.  We will work with you from start to finish to ensure a smooth process with amazing results.  We guarantee our work with unmatched customer service and warranty on all products.  This allows for a one of a kind unique experience for you and your future clients. 

Pylon Signs

Custom Pylon Signs

 We work out different shapes, sizes and colors specific to your location and brand then we nail down a finalize look and the real work begins!  We know each building and location is unique and we want to utilize all aspects to create amazing results.

Our freestanding sign portfolio ranges from 8 feet in height to 30 feet.  All of our signs are properly engineered and we take care of the permit process for our clients.  This allows an easy process for your group from start to finish.  We have the experience and we want to create great looking signs to highlight the features style and colors of your building.

Multi Tenant Pylon Signs

Our multi-tenant pylon signs are the perfect application for a strip mall, shopping centre, industrial building and other shared locations. This form of signage increases visibility for all tenants within these centres driving traffic and awareness to your building and each store within.

We ensure a high quality creative take on the overall look and feel of each sign using the same architectural elements, building materials and colors as your building to allow the sign and the building to become one feature unit.  


Design ideas. Call us for a Custom Design and ask about our DISCOUNTED PARTNERSHIP RATES!