Feature Projects


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.


Edmonton, Alberta

MC College recently moved into their state-of-the-art campus in the core of downtown Edmonton. Blackflag Projects and MC College established a creative partnership to add identity and enhance the design of MC College’s extraordinary new campus in downtown Edmonton. We combined our design expertise with MC College’s creative leadership to come up with both exterior and interior signage that would expand on their brand-new campus. In meetings with MC College, there was a continuous understanding that designs needed to be unique and practical, while staying within established budgets and architectural design elements. The joint effort led to a creative standout finished project that has become a feature to their Edmonton campus and headquarters.

Exterior Signage

We helped shape MC College’s rebrand with a simple and elegant design for their exterior signage. Not only does it add identity to their building, but it enhances the night time visibility of the school and cannot be missed along one of the busiest roads in the downtown core. This design was meant to be simple, yet standout and modernize their existing brand. With combined creative ideas, we were able to deliver an exterior product that is both visual and practical.

Monument Sign

The exterior monument sign on the corner of MC College’s campus was birthed from an idea to add a marketing element to the building. The monument was the perfect way to give MC College an outlet to advertise on their property while staying within the architectural design of the building. The custom 4 sided monument was created to site on the corner of the property to catch foot and vehicle traffic from all angles.  Being adjacent to Macewan University, there is a significant amount of foot traffic that will be exposed to the monument sign. This was an easy and efficient way to add to MC College’s market exposure.

Feature Wall Directory

The interior feature directory was a custom design done in house by Blackflag Projects amazing design team. Entering MC College was a giant blank white wall.  To us a huge blank canvas!

MC wanted a feature wall to incorporate the design of the building. So after bouncing ideas back and forth we came up with a sleek feature directory that would not only be practical, but also have a creative and unique design element.  The feature directory was designed to model after the structure of the building and be big enough that it wouldn’t be missed as you walk in. It was designed with an artistic element but also had the practicality that matched the building aesthetic.


After implementing exterior signage, we brought ideas forward an interior wayfinding solution to add to the nine story building. We provided wayfinding designs that would be unique, simple and effective. After narrowing down options we were able to implement signage that looks great and was within the college’s budget. The custom design addressed MC’s necessary wayfinding needs but added a fun and creative touch.

Privacy Etch

MC College was designed beautifully with glass elements being the main aesthetic of the building throughout. We provided privacy for each classrooms, offices and board rooms in order with multiple design elements.

After meetings with leadership, we understood that they wanted privacy etching that would go with their college’s branding. We provided three different custom designed privacy window film to correspond with the floors they would be installed on. Privacy etch for the salon area was designed with a unique hairstyling look in mind the flowing design Is digitally printed on the window frosting.  Classroom designs used a collage of the college’s beliefs and values digital printed on window etch, while privacy vinyl for corporate boardrooms was designed with a professional feel of the college’s headquarters and a cut out pattern was used. These three designs allowed for a different feel on multiple platforms while using the same product in three different ways.


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.