Feature Projects


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.

West Edmonton Mall/Hasbro

Edmonton, Alberta

Blackflag Projects was hired by both Hasbro Corporate and West Edmonton Mall to help design, fabricate and install some of the most complex feature signs for the newly renovated Galaxyland which features Hasbro games. Our first big challenge was a 12 foot hanging three dimensional trouble bubble with reflective material and a hanging 3D die. Our team wanted to make this as close to the actual game piece as possible so our first step was research which including some board game time in the office. We wanted to dive into the popular 80’s game as much as we could. We then designed and engineered both the aesthetic pieces and the structure mounting brackets as the entire pieces hangs overtop of a feature ride, this also added for some creative installation.

We built the structure using powder coated aluminum. Machine weld edges, then found a company to help build a crystal clear 3D dome out of acrylic. Our next step was to router mdf numbers matching font style and size and with the help of sculpting putty we build and carved a perfectly shaped die to mimic the real Trouble game. After many hours of assembly and paint, we dry mounted everything in the shop to ensure a plan of attach. Then over several days we installed on site with two large scissor lifts and 5 crew members.

Hungry Hungry Hippos and Sorry we wanted to give a very unique Hasbro style and feel so all of the main feature signs we created vacuum form illuminated logos with aluminum backers. This gives a very plastic, real feel for board game pieces. We also added some flat and LED Illuminated signage to bring the entire design and experience together.