Sign Design

Customized Sign Design

Thirty years combined experience in all aspects of design, marketing, communication and architectural design. 

Taking an idea and turning it into a visually stunning product is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We love the challenge of pushing the limits on design and technology and you will never hear us say it can’t be done. We will find a way and find the right product and solution.

Whether you require a traditional sign or a totally unique crazy idea that requires new tech, new methods of fabrication our team will spend the extra time needed to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We focus on out of the box ideas and the crazier the idea the more excited we get about it!

Custom Sign Design

Our team consists of some of the brightest, creative minds in the industry today.  We have built a strong reputation for bringing new innovative ideas to the sign and advertising market.  We are always researching new trends, new tech and new materials and styles.

Digital Sign and Wayfinding Designs can have a huge impact on guest experience along with digital content.  We have been lucky enough to work with a number of groups to help them with engaging content and creative informational designs to help grow their brands and give visitors a unique experience.

Business Sign design

Business Sign Design services allows the Blackflag Projects team to work closely with our clients and ensure their brand is taken care of.

We work with each group on brand, color and style to make sure a consistent look is captured.  We have the experience to help with size, permits, electrical and style that may work best for your sign.  

We offer 2D and 3D conceptual designs to allow you to see your sign in real life format before we go to production.

Custom Sign Design for Retail

We integrate strategic goals and design values with our extensive knowledge and expertise in signage, wayfinding, advertising and branding.  We understand the important of size, scale illumination or contrast when it comes to advertising and drawing in potential clients or guiding guests through an area.   We don’t cut corners or take anything for granted. 

We offer the highest quality products at some of the lowest costs!  
Design and quality are always our first priority but we are always conscious of budget and giving the best value of options to fit within your budget.
All of our materials are built to withstand any environment either indoor facilities or outdoor seasonal challenges.   

Signage Design Consultation

With a vast amount of knowledge and experience, our qualified team offers complete planning, site surveys and design packages.

 As a sign consultant group we work with each client’s own demographic, brand awareness, informational purpose, guest safety and brand awareness.  We consider all options and enjoy creating a unique experience for each group.  Packages can range from 5-10 pages up to 50-100 depending on each circumstance, sign quantity and information. We are able to carry out many projects for our clients involving manufacturers throughout Canada in order to provide many signage options and budgetary cost information for our clients.

Sign Consulting includes extensive research and planning.   We have worked with numerous municipalities, government and developers across Canada on a wide range of digital and wayfinding design and consulting projects and know the time it takes to get it right. 

Our creative marketing side is what allows us to work with each group to come up with a package that will not only meet budget demands but will have a lasting impression.


Making your building stand out sometimes takes more than signage or digital alone.


Design ideas. Call us for a Custom Design and ask about our DISCOUNTED PARTNERSHIP RATES!